Thanks to new awareness, to recent scientific discoveries and to the sensibility of today it is possible to regain possession of ours Full potential, starting to live our life fully.
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Guglielmo Poli
Co-Director The Reconnection International Team - President of Reconnective Academy - Mentor & Reconnection Certified Practitioner
Guglielmo Poli was born in Bologna where he lived until he was 10 and then moved to Rome. Here he first obtained a diploma Classical high school diploma and then one Bachelor's degree in law. Already at a very young age he had begun to read, driven by one uncontrollable search for Truth all the Sacred Texts of every Religion that included one. This kind of reading has opened the doors to an unimaginable series of experiences and encounters that have characterized Guglielmo's entire life, forming him for the Man he is now.

Besides psychological studies and a Master in HR Management, he also attended the most varied training courses, always grasping the essence.
It is today the Co-Director of The Reconnection International Team made up of 120.000 operators on the planet and travels around the world teaching Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection autonomously being one of the 3 people in the world empowered to do so.

This wealth of information has allowed him to have the prestigious task of writing the Preface for the new edition of the Bagavad-Gita in Italy and to create his own personal life philosophy applicable to anyone to increase the quality of life and well-being. Today, when he does not travel to teach Reconnective Healing, he lives in Italian Switzerland where there is a prominent branch of the Reconnective Academy.
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Reconnective Academy
L'only recognized Academy for the diffusion and teaching of correct philosophy and practice of The Reconnection. Created by Guglielmo Poli, is the reference point for anyone who wants to approach correctly and in all safety The Reconnection in the world, and it is the only Italian body ad organize and promote training courses for its operators and for anyone who wants to become one.
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