Reconnective Healing®
La Reconnective Healing is a method of energy rebalancing which does not require contact between the parties, which acts on our microcosm by rebalancing internal energy without adding anything new "The frequencies" of Reconnective Healing manifest throughout your session, and continue to work with you long after the session ends.

When the person's vibration returns to consistency it does dissolves disharmony, the progress of one's life expands.

Each Reconnective Healing session is unique and often it's an experience that can change your life. Many people have experienced incredible well-being after undergoing a Reconnective Healing®️.

Other people have experienced an increase in self-esteem, deep feelings of inner peace, and powerful changes. Your benefits, specifically, could occur at any level of being: physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, or even in some way we don't yet know.
Reconnective Healing® sessions
You will be asked to lie down on a cot for massages, fully clothed and I will work around you, without touching you. During the session you may experience a deep feeling of peace and relaxation and you may notice different physical sensations as the energy begins to evolve and work on every level of Being.

A Reconnective Healing session lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and are normally recommended by one to three sessions for each cycle, which will be suspended to give you the opportunity to observe the results obtained by yourself and for professional ethics.
Remote Reconnective Healing®:
The Reconnective Healing sessions carried out remotely they are as effective as in-person sessions. Distance does not affect or detract from the effects of Reconnective Healing. The remote session can be used for children, for animals, for people who are not able to be able to lie on a cot. Each session lasts approx thirty minutes and are normally recommended from one to three sessions.
The price for a face-to-face or remote Reconnective Healing session is € 130,00, for Switzerland it is the equivalent in CHF.
After each session, a regular payment receipt or invoice will be issued.
Important information notes to read
Guglielmo Poli He is NOT a doctor nor claims to be in any way. In no way can the Reconnective Healing and Reconnection practiced by Guglielmo Poli be considered a therapy in the common sense of the term. In no case it is recommended to reduce or discontinue medical treatments that are already being followed. Specific results are not guaranteed. They don't come in no case given advice on your physical condition, diagnosis or prescriptions of any kind.

It is always advisable to consult a qualified doctor to take care of your physical condition. Each individual is responsible for himself and for his own medical care. At the beginning of each Reconnective Healing or Reconnection session, an information notice will be read and signed. A regular receipt or invoice will be issued for each professional service.
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