Personal Reconnection
Use the frequencies of the Reconnective Healing, but it differs in their application as it uses a very precise procedure. It is a targeted process that reconnect the grid of your body to the ley lines of our planet and these grids and the universal one in all dimensions of time and space.

With yours Personal Reconnection You are reconnecting to a system of infinite intelligence, to your original vibrations and to your evolution. It is an uninterrupted process that will accompany you in your Life Progress. Many people who have received their personal reconnection simply say: "Life is ... simpler" You will return to be what the universe had decided you were, you will return to your full power: less fear, less stress, less external conditioning.

You will face life in a more conscious, more lucid, more balanced way because Reconnection brings us back to our original essence, to what we really are, to the full power of ourselves ... to our origins. In this state of grace, problems are also relativized. We certainly don't become supermen, we remain ourselves, but stronger and safer. Our evolution will be faster, but only because we ourselves make it happen because we are free from constraints and conditioning.

Personal Reconnection occurs in two different sessions on two different days. The second session must be completed within three days of the first session. Receiving your Personal Reconnection is a choice because not everyone chooses to change it and give it such an accelerated pace. Personal Reconnection is received only once in a lifetime.
The price for the two sessions of the Reconnection was set by Dr Eric Pearl, thus the sum requested it's the same for all pratictioners of Worldwide. The cost of Reconnection in Europe - including the UK - is € 333,00, while for Switzerland it is the equivalent in CHF.
After each session, a regular payment receipt or invoice will be issued.
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