Research Confirms The Reconnection
Un new science concept is emerging and the common sense of perceiving health and healing is changing. The latest scientific studies are focused on quantifying the effects of energy, light and information on humans. Studies on the frequencies of Reconnective Healing®, first discovered by Dr. Eric Pearl, were made by an international team of scientists recognized worldwide, Which, William Tiller, PhD, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Konstantin Korotkov, PhD. The powerful and profound results of these researches are attracting the attention of the most enlightened minds of the scientific community!
Bioenergetic Studies Conducted on Reconnective Healing Operators & Those Who Are Treated
Studies conducted by Gary Schwartz, Ph.D - Linda GS Russek, Ph.D - Co-director of the Lab.
University of Arizona, Director Laboratory for the Advances in Consciousness and Health
Credentials of Gary Schwartz, Ph.D: Dean of the Faculties of Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology and Surgery; Director of the Laboratory of Studies for the Evolution of Consciousness and Health of the University of Arizona. Former Director of the Study Laboratory on Human Energy Systems. Doctorate from Harvard University in 1971, assistant professor of psychology at Harvard until 1976; professor of psychology and psychiatry at Yale University and director of the Yale Psychophysiology Center. Co-director of Yale's Behavioral Medicine Clinic.
First Study on Reconnective Healing Operators:
The University's Human Energy Systems Laboratory conducted a series of careful studies and scientifically controlled experiments with Dr. Pearl and other operators of Reconnective Healing Practitioners to determine whether the Reconnective energy was something real and measurable in the laboratory. Dr. Pearl and some of his students acted as senders while volunteers received frequencies during these studies.
The first test showed that blindfolded subjects were able to feel the frequencies and energy for more than 83%. The second showed that energy also works as an electromagnetic signal. The third showed how the heart beat, measured with an electrocardiogram (EKG), synchronizes with the brain waves of the recipient, measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG). The most significant result of the third experiment was the fact that both in the case that the recipient was aware of receiving energy, and if it was not, the brain showed the same answers, therefore the brain can be said to respond unconsciously and detect in the same way energy, without the need for thoughts, faith, hope or beliefs.

According to Schwartz: The conclusion of these experiments is that the energy is actually real, detectable, measurable - "and quite evident."
Studies on Participants in Reconnective Healing Seminars:
Dr. Schwartz and his colleagues conducted their energy base studies both in Dr. Schwarz's laboratory and at the University of Arizona. These studies measured people's abilities to work together with frequencies, hear them, transmit them and receive light and other electromagnetic frequencies before and after participating in the Training Course.
What has been examined is something exceptional. Most of the hundred and more people who participated in the study have all permanently increased and expanded their electromagnetic field and new electromagnetic skills simply by following the Reconnective Healing seminars, whether they have never studied healing techniques , whether they were already teachers or masters of the various other energy healing methods known to date. All these subjects have significantly increased their energy level by accessing other new levels.
Second Study on Reconnective Healing Operators:
Using the Profusion Laser tool, the study focused on observing heart rate and heart rate variation in Reconnective Healing Operators, comparing them with previous measurements of previous studies on subjects in meditation, Grand Masters of Qi Gong, Reiki masters and experts martial arts.
During the sessions, both the Reconnective Healing Operators and those who were treated fell evidently in an accelerated rebalancing state. The operator experiences a state in which brain and heart drastically change activity. This state, called, "Emotional Quiescence," is associated with extreme awareness, a feeling of profound peace, connection with the universal field and the ability to perceive on higher levels. This far surpasses any other state observed with high energy sources or other healing modalities. It is actually a very different state from what is observed during yoga, meditations, during Reiki sessions or any other form of healing energy. This clearly documents that Reconnective Healing is something totally new on the planet and totally different from what has been present so far.
leaf reconnective healing
Study on the impact of Reconnective Healing on Plants and their DNA:
The study is aimed at examining what transpires when Reconnective Healing is applied to plants. Plant leaves were selected and matched for size and consistency. What is known is that when the leaves are separated from their source of life (stem or trunk) they die. When the leaves enter this death process, they really bleed - not blood or fluids - but light. Light leaves organisms that die. In this experiment, the couple's control leaf was left to die naturally. The other leaf of the couple was subject to different types of energy treatments.
The leaf left to die naturally died in seven to ten days. The leaf treated with energy techniques continued to live for about 90 days - eight to ten times more then with Reiki, Qui Gong or Reconnective Healing treatments. But there was an interesting distinction: with Reiki, the recovery of the leaf began quickly and then waned with equal speed; with Qi Gong, it started more slowly but lasted longer. But when Reconnective Healing was used, it started faster and stayed MUCH longer helping to keep the leaf alive for up to 90 days.
Studies conducted by Ann-Linda-Baldwin - Gary Schwartz, Ph.D
University of Arizona Laboratory of studies for the evolution of Consciousness and Health, Department of Psychology and Physiology, Faculty of Medicine.
Credentials of Ann-Linda-Baldwin, Ph.D: Professor of Physiology and Psychology at the University of Arizona. He holds a BA in Physics from the University of Bristol, UK, a Masters in Radiation Physics from the University of London and a PhD in Physiology from Imperial College of the University of London.
Study on people diagnosed with movement restriction:
The study aimed to determine whether a 10-minute session of Reconnective Healing could increase the range of motion and the elevation of an arm in people diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder or other conditions limiting movement. This figure had been measured against a control group that had received physiotherapy treatments and other kinds of treatments.
The study indicates that a 10-minute Reconnective Healing session consistently improves the range of motion by an average of 26 degrees in people with limited shoulder mobility. The degree of improvement was much greater than that produced by physiotherapy. Reconnective Healing had also been shown to consistently reduce the pain reported by the participants as they regained their ability to raise their arms.
Studies conducted by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Credentials of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov Vice-Director of the Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture. Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at the Federal University of St. Petersburg for Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Research Professor at the Academy of Physical Culture in St. Petersburg. President of the International Union for Applied Bioelectrography, Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine and of the Journal of Science of the effects of healing.
Study on Who Receives Reconnective Healing:
The study was designed to record the changes that occur in people who receive Reconnective Healing. In June 2010 two Reconnective Healing instructors facilitated sessions on 5 volunteers. The volunteers' energy emissions were detected and measured by sensors applied to their fingers, with a special device called Dr. Korotkov's Electrophotonic Image Camera (EPC), before and after a session. The study was conducted at the headquarters of the International Society for Subtle Energy Studies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) and was subjected to expert control, research and publication in various press articles.
An increase in energy was observed in all five people, with three in particular showing significant changes. The measurements also demonstrate the reduction of the entropy process which indicate a significant harmonization of the patient's condition.
Study on people interacting with Reconnective Healing frequencies:
Reconnective Healing has been taught to a group of doctors, researchers, therapists and Olympic athletes in Russia. The study project involved a simple formation of only six hours and interaction with the Reconnective Healing frequencies over the course of two days. Parameters were measured for each participant before, during and after the experiment with the use of various methodologies, including the use of EPC devices, which are capable of measuring the bioenergetic field surrounding the person's body.
The effects of Reconnective Healing on athletes and their energy levels have been very significant according to Prof. Korotkov. Each of the athletes and test subjects experienced a significant increase in their energy levels with an average increase of over 22%. Athletes report that they could clearly feel the frequencies and the benefit they were experiencing in their body. An athlete who had recently reported an accident to one leg and who could only walk with the use of crutches, was able to get off the bed alone and to walk without the aid of the same already after only two sessions and feeling very little ache. His doctor was present during the experiment and X-rayed the athlete again and was surprised to see that the bone fracture had somehow become just a sprain.

Dr. Korotkov says: “Although I have extensive experience in the field of bio-energies, the results have been exceptional and very, very different from anything else I have ever witnessed.
Study on Athletes undergoing Reconnective Healing:
A double-blind test was conducted on a group of 40 people consisting of Olympic athletes from both Russia and other nations. The athletes underwent measurements of their energy level before and after Reconnective Healing frequencies were administered. Different parameters were measured including, heart rate, heart rate, energy reserve, recovery rate and blood parameters.
The results showed that from the start all the participants had a rapid and positive effect. Half of those who underwent the Reconnective Healing sessions showed a significant increase in their energy level parameters and ten days later those improvements were statistically even more significant. Subsequent studies showed a reduction in blood pressure, an increase in the body's metabolic, immune, detoxifying and antioxidant activity, an improvement in cardiovascular functions as well as important and positive DNA modifications.

Dr. Korotkov says: “This highlights the long-lasting effect of Reconnective Healing and its importance for the well-being and preparation of athletes.
Studies conducted by Dr. Glen Rein
Credentials of Dr. Glen Rein: Director, Quantum Biology Research Labs, NY. Senior Principle Scientist / Director at Estee Lauder, Research scientist at Stanford University Medical Center, Assistant Professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital
Study of the impact of Reconnective Healing on human DNA:
The study was designed to establish the impact of Reconnective Healing on human DNA. In the experiment, the DNA was "shocked" with heat or electricity. It was already known that when it is stimulated in this way, DNA "unrolls". Using a spectrum-photometer, Rein subjected the DNA to be recovered to various forms of energy sessions: Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin and Reconnective Healing
With Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shi, the DNA has rewound more slowly than the established norm. With Reconnective Healing, it has rewound faster. Furthermore, on the DNA subjected to Reconnective Healing, there was clear evidence that this form of rebalancing actually corrected some inherent or pre-existing defects in the sample DNA. This confirms that Reconnective Healing is different and has a different impact on the DNA level of humans.
Studies conducted by William A. Tiller Ph.D
Credentials of Dr. William A. Tiller: Professor Emeritus of Stanford University, author of eight books, 250 scientific publications and protagonist of the documentary What The Bleep… !? Four of his books concern physioenergetic science.
Study on the Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic Energy of the environment during Reconnective Healing:
The study examined how the physical properties of a space or room change as a result of the "Frequencies" of Reconnective Healing referred to in that environment. The study was conducted and duplicated at the Reconnective Healing Courses in Sedona, Arizona in 2006, Los Angeles in 2007, Los Angeles in 2008 and Los Angeles in 2009. Using appropriate equipment and advanced equipment, Dr. Tiller measured the change energy inside the room before, during and after the seminars where people were actually using Reconnective Healing.
There was an incredible increase in excess thermodynamic energy within the room. By comparing the data with what would be seen if it were a normal energy measurement, the room temperature would have had to be increased by 300 degrees centigrade! But with Reconnective Healing, while the actual room temperature doesn't change, the amount of energy, light and information loads the room exactly as measured by Tiller. Tiller also noted that Entropy declines during Reconnective Healing, allowing for consistency to prevail. Entropy is the natural state of decay and decline proper to everything that is held together by a force, effort of attention and focus. Entropy causes aging, chaos, degradation and disease. So when entropy decreases (negative entropy), greater coherence and order are present. In this way coherence prevails and a new balance is then established in the body helping it to restore and rejuvenate.
“The data we have collected has been truly remarkable. First of all, we observed that when we started monitoring the room, which happened about five hours before anyone - including Eric, or his staff members or customers - ever entered the room, we measured a higher state of symmetry. Gauge compared to a normal situation. It was already an environment conditioned by what would be done later! So something is found to have happened before people even gathered in that space. That room had been somehow prepared in a way that made it easier for trainees to work with frequencies. Having continued to monitor that location, we measured that the energy increase after two days was enormous!

This change of energy allows normal humans to enter and exit a room with the ability to heal others and themselves regardless of their background and education. The frequencies of Reconnective Healing bring a healing far beyond that hitherto observed with other Energetic techniques, transcending the normal spectrum of energy, light and information. " “There are many energies involved in the Light. There is, of course, electromagnetic light, which everyone knows.

The grossest level of the human body is all about electromagnetic energy. So you can use light in the way it is used in energy medicine, especially on acupuncture points to systematically provide healing to the body. " “Or - continues Prof. Tiller - you can go to the higher level ... magnetoelectric energy. This too is in the form of light. And at all these higher dimensional levels there is a light which is the communication system between the aspects of matter at this level of Being. "

“So even when Eric or the other instructors talk about Reconnective Healing, many types of energy and light are flowing through the operator and the one who wants to heal. In other words, what we are talking about is something that goes far beyond the classic energy healing systems and is within a wider spectrum of energy, light and information. "
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